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Comparative Advantages

The first generation solar street light--- split type solar street light

The split type solar led street light is powered by the sun and is typically grid free. This energy is converted into electricity and stored in the rechargeable batteries (usually lead acid battery). The electricity stored in the battery is regulated by a control board and, at night, the charged batteries provide power for the LED light. Once daylight returns, the solar panel repeats the process of charge.

Advantages (compare to conventional street light)

1.solar power replaces AC electricity, reduce the cost and decrease the accidents.

2.As need not electricity, can be installed on remote areas with AC electricity.

3.Less maintenance.


1.Initial investment is higher because of high price.

2.Usually lead acid has only 2 year lifetime, maintenance cost is still high.

3.Can not support long rainy days because lighting modes is only one.

4.Inconvenient shipment.

5.Trouble installation.

The second generation solar street light---all in one solar street light

All in one solar led street light integrates the solar panel, LED lamp and the Li-Fe battery into a single product, is with human intelligence induction system to gain the solution of low-energy, long-time, high-luminance and free maintenance. And the same time, it’s convenient in the shipment and installation.

Advantages (compare to split type solar street light)

Solve all disadvantages of split type solar street light.


1.solar panel angle could not be adjusted, and not produce max power limited to road direction.

2.Solar panel, controller, battery and led light are integrated into a kit, and solar panel, battery and controller works together on daytime, will produce very high temperature in the kit ( even reach 80°C in Africa) and unable to carry out effective heat dissipation, brings battery and controller damaged easily, so a lots of all in one solar led street lights have only one year lifetime, which is a large design defect.

The third generation solar street light--- smart all in one solar street light

New Light smart all in one solar street light combines solar panel, led light, lithium battery into a kit, add intelligent control technology and intelligent microwave sensor technology, perfectly achieve lower consumption, higher brightness, longer lifespan by a remote control.

Advantages (compare to the old all in one solar street light)

1.solve two disadvantages of old all in one solar street light.

2.keep all advantages of old all in one solar street light.

3.adopting intelligent control technology and microwave sensor technology, ensure longer working time and lifetime.





Solar Panel




New Light Smart All In One Solar Street Light

Lower Cost

Low Freight

5 minutes




And 6 modes

5-10 year

Common All In One Solar Street Light

Low Cost

Low Freight

5 minutes

Not adjustable


Motion Sensor

1-2 year

Split Type Solar Street Light

High Cost

High Freight

1 hours




2-3 year

Design Principle

In order to overcome the shortcomings of the old all in one solar led street light, we listened to a lot of customer’s feedback and suggestion, combining our years of experience in solar light field, at lat a new design was carried out. At the same time, we make sure each component high quality in order to achieve the product provided to the customer is perfect

With the development of Intelligent Technology, intelligence is being applied in all aspects of production and life。New Light was beginning to realize that we should apply intelligent technology to solar lights in 2014. After numerous designs and testing, our smart all in one solar street light finally achieved the perfect combination of solar street light and intelligent technology in 2015.

Monocrystalline Solar Panel: 18% conversion efficiency, 25 year lifetime

LED Chip: Bridgelux brand, 45mil led chip 160-180lm/w, more than 50000 hours lifetime

Smart Controller: unique design, combine motion sensor, light control, time control perfectly, ensures whole system more efficient

LiFePO4 lithium battery: no pollution and stable, long lifetime and high temperature resistance

Technology Highlights

Solar Panel angle is able to be adjustable

By an adjustable bracket and 360 degree rotating platform, installer can set the direction of solar panel and light body according to sunlight position and light application, ensure solar panel max efficiency power.

Heat radiation improved greatly and longer lifetime

1. Solar panel, battery and light body are not connected directly, not conduct heat each other, have good heat radiation, ensure full product longer lifetime.

2. Solar panel looks like an umbrella protect battery from high temperature, avoid battery damaged easily.

Wireless remote control, intelligently control lighting modes

Intelligent microwave sensor technology

With the fourth generation of sensing technology, adjust brightness from “dim mode” to “full brightness” intelligently according to motion detecting.